понедељак, 07. октобар 2013.

Hindu Ritual, India

This image was taken during the Hindu religious ritual known as Theyyam.

Cow, Romania

This picture was taken in a small village in central Romania. It was the end of the day and we had a short time to wander around the streets to find interesting people for portrait shoots. Suddenly we heard some bells ringing from the end of the street, and we saw a big herd of cows walking toward us. The herd had just come back from the fields outside town to go back to the cowshed in the village. I saw that one cow was about to cross the local bar and I ran fast to catch it. I finished the visit in the village without any portrait shoots, but I was lucky to get this single special moment.

Jerusalem, Israel

Riding coach Ester and her horse Mirage, part of a horse series, Jerusalem, Israel

Sea Pen Crab

A sea pen crab hiding between the branches of this sea pen at 25 meters on a night dive

Yacare Caimans, Brazil

Barely eight inches long—a bite-size snack for any keen-eyed jabiru stork that happens along—these two-week-old caimans float among water grasses on hot afternoons. If trouble arises, they issue a distress call and nearby adults rush to their side.

Fish Patterns, India

I took this image at the Galiff Street weekly market near the five-point crossing of Shyambazar, Kolkata.

Zebra, Kenya

From a mayhem of hooves, stripes, and whinnying, suddenly an eye popped up between the manes. Originally set out to take a more abstract image of the zebra herd, I just managed to capture the eye before the moment was gone. For me it serves as a reminder that someone, or something, is always watching.